Last July, AT&T reached out to Texas Movie Cars to see how renting one of our most popular cars could help draw in customers and create authentic connections at one of their San Antonio locations. Potential customers had the opportunity to take photos with the Transformers’ Barricade, an actual movie stunt car. It was used in several on-screen scenes and was designated as backup car #3. This 2005 Ford Saleen Mustang is one of three custom built Mustangs made by Saleen and DreamWorks for the 2007 motion picture film Transformers.  

AT&T was able to draw in foot traffic and potential business to promote their new AT&T Fiber internet service by renting the Barricade. The activation strategy included capturing people’s attention by parking the car outside of the storefront, which encouraged potential customers to stop by. Sales employees were then able to provide additional information about Fiber internet. AT&T Fiber internet is one of the latest offerings in Wi-Fi technology in San Antonio, allowing users to stream their favorite shows in HD, work from home and more.

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